Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why do they keep talking about Small Business Owners?!?

Christ its like an ad for Vista Business or something. How many people own a small business? I don't know any. I like small business, but come on, it's not like we're a nation of owners - we're a nation of WORKERS!

Also, McCain said that Obama's healthcare plan will have mandates -- that's not true. This has already been hashed out in the primaries. That was the main (if only) distinction between Hillary's and Obama's plans. She had mandates, he didn't. No mandates.

Oh I guess he just said he wanted to have a government mandate insuring children. How horrible! How dare you tell me to have health care for my child! If they break their leg and I don't want it taken care of, that is MY CHOICE! My children should have the freedom to contract polio if I don't want to immunize them!! (I have no children)

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