Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MWP Announcements: Project Fairfax

Hello to all whigs, neowhigs, rinos, dinos and all sort of whiggish characters!

This came across my e-mail a while ago, but as I am lazy and caught up in school work I hadn't the time to mention it on my blog. Well here goes:


To the members of the Modern Whig Party,

With 2009 just around the corner, a lot is going on with the Modern Whig Party. We continue to attract countless new members from all walks of life and political affiliation. We now are also up to 25 official state chapters. In addition, a team of professional political "heavy hitters" deeply rooted in the process have signed on to assist in some behind-the-scenes efforts to better promote our movement. As such, please expect in the coming months some changes to our national Web site and higher-impact campaigns that will compliment our existing message and longterm strategy.

Get into the campaign: Groundwork also is being laid for our 2009 campaigns. The first relates to Target Fairfax. Our organization will focus the energy of thousands of service members, veterans and non-military alike as we work to expand this mainstream, non-ideological and common-sense grassroots organization into the Northern Virginia region. We chose this region as our first focal point because it is the most populated county in Virginia and in the shadow of Washington, DC. This means that the media and national political groups and individuals will be paying attention. In fact, this is how we have already attracted our anonymous "heavy hitters."

But to succeed, we will need your help. We are not asking for your money as we are planning some unique and innovative specific fundraising events in 2009. Instead, we are seeking interested members who may wish to offer some tactical support. This means sending emails to select Fairfax County and Washington, DC media outlets. Telling them about our grassroots movement. Explain how the Modern Whig Party was founded by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as a veterans advocacy organization before spiraling into the mainstream. Inform them that this increasingly-growing national movement is converging on the area. Tell them that we are for common-sense solutions.

Bottom line is that if our national membership can work together to keep up the pressure and exposure, our ground team can work to pull this off. To participate, please contact our Virginia team at virginia@modernwhig.org. Also, certainly contact us if you live in the DC metro area and want to play a localized role.

Candidates: In the near future, please expect an email from our candidates in Virginia and elsewhere explaining their credentials. All of our candidates will work to not only get elected, but also to promote our movement. If any member wishes to run for office in 2009 with the backing of our national party, please contact us.


Ok, so all you Virginians, especially those in Fairfax, VA and the surrounding areas, please contact the Modern Whig Party chapter there in Virginia, the e-mail address for them, again is:


In case you want to help out or have ideas for candidates. I say draft Whigs in Virginia, whoever that third person talking genius is!

Ok Great! Lets get 2009 off to a good start neo-whigs!

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