Monday, May 17, 2010

We Whigs Are Still Here!

It has been over a year since my last blog post here and a lot has changed in the political landscape since then, not least the ever-growing presence of the Modern Whig Party and the continued expansion of its state chapters.

As we have seen from the rise of the tea party movement, a lot of people are not happy with the government or how our system has been working lately. Not all of us, however, are near-anarchist libertarians prone to credulous parroting of GOP talking points.

So, it seems that the building coalition of moderates and independents who are put-off and disenchanted with the divisive partisanship that has taken hold of the political discourse (which appears to have no end in sight as it stands) has gone unnoticed as the louder, more aggressive swell of extremists have taken center stage in the media.

But the tea party doesn't represent the majority of American political thought. Most people do not want to withdraw from the United Nations or abolish all US tax codes or take us back 60 years into the past regarding women's and civil rights. These are not moderate, run-of-the-mill positions. These are positions far outside the mainstream of the American discourse, and its why most people have a very hard time taking the teabaggers seriously when they say they represent a majority opinion.

So while the bigots and the ignorant and the selfish and the misguided parade and protest about issues most people don't care about and attack the president no matter what he does (seriously, everything Obama has done so far is terrible? This notion is ridiculous, not even Bush was wrong 100% of the time...), the majority of Americans who have found themselves politically dissatisfied have seemingly nowhere to go.

The Democratic party, as it became painfully obvious during the healthcare bill debacle, is far more beholden to corporations and moneyed interests than the public they have been elected to represent. And the Republican party, no less in service big businesses which give little or nothing back to America, have also shown themselves to be cynically dishonest and disgustingly uncaring about the governing process of our nation.

But this situation is no longer intractable. The democrats can continue to pass laws written by corporate lobbyists and the republicans can continue to sit on their hands and be do-nothing obstructionists, intellectually empty and venomously partisan -- this no longer need bother the American people. Because we have, and have had for a while now, a real third alternative - the Modern Whig Party.

And we're not going away and us whigs are not going to be absorbed or annexed or co-opted. So while we might seem quiet, as cool heads and moderate voices rarely get much press, we are not gone. In fact, we are still growing!